The term "Completion Funding" suggests that the original budget had not been properly met. While that can sometimes be the case, it is not the case with Orbiter. Producer/director David Rosler invested his own funds entirely to get his Orbiter screenplay off the ground and get critical production work going, so much does he believe in Orbiter's message and potential for a return on investment. No other investors were initially involved.

The "faith-based" movie genre is the new success market in the U.S. and in many areas of the world. To be sure, it requires knowledge of the audience base from an inside perspective, and with sincerity and belief. The audience for these films no more wants their values misrepresented any more than Star Trek fans want a re-boot of the classic franchise in which the Enterprise is called a "rocket ship" and Mr. Spock is "Doctor Spock from the planet Mars". That said, there is no more motion picture market open for success than that which appeals to people of faith in particular.  

Examples of low-budget faith-based movie successes which did it right abound. Fireproof, produced for $500,000.00 made $35 million at the box office and another $20 million in DVD sales. War Room for $3 million made over $60 million at the box office (DVD sales unknown). God's Not Dead made for $2 million earned $67 million at the box office. There are many examples. 

Orbiter knows its audience and the audiences will reward Orbiter and future films like it as they have others, so they can spend a day at the movies with popcorn and soda for the kids and have their most important feelings and beliefs spoken to them properly. In a world in which Hollywood sometimes appears to actually dislike believers, while there are terrific exceptions like Tyler Perry and Denzel Washington, too often TV comics and announcers degrade those of faith. Even cartoons attempt to humiliate them. Orbiter, like the others, will be a huge hit to its core audience, perhaps setting records because it is entirely unique. Add to that the stereoscopic 3D and special effects and you have a sure-fire winner for the younger audiences.

Orbiter is suspenseful, exciting and inspiring with a powerful message worked seamlessly through a storyline which speaks to the concerns of today. Orbiter is first-class all the way.  

Read Orbiter's Writer/Producer/Director David Rosler's take on the future of 3D movies at venerable Films In Review, the oldest cinema journal in the United States, founded in 1919 


Scroll down to read about ORBITER and watch the 2D and 3D trailers

Real News Morning Drivetime 92.3 FM & 760 AM discusses why Orbiter, is a great investment after their interview with Orbiter writer/producer/director David Rosler

Bill & Joel In The Morning, WDUN Radio, one of Atlanta/North Georgia's highest-rated radio shows

NOTE: Apparently there are a few people in the motion picture industry named David Rosler. To avoid confusion, here is the website for Orbiter's creator, David Rosler

 "A winner"..... "Great story"... "(Orbiter's) got all sorts of things going on in there to attract all sorts of different people. Action, it's in space, which you know is a big draw, and of course, it's got the faith-based angle as well so it sounds like a winner to me, I can't wait to see this thing."... "My partner will tell you, I'm not a big sci-fi guy, but I'd go see this."... "Yeah, this is gonna be great. I love the premise on this."

~ Bill & Joel In The Morning,  WDUN 550, Atlanta/North Georgia's most popular morning drivetime radio show. 

"This is a great project... I made a donation. It wasn't much and they're not asking for much. Twenty-five dollars. Just 'beer money'. Twenty-five dollars. It's a challenge. Match it if you can.." 
~ The Mark Hahn Show, "The Voice Of Sioux City" 1360 AM, 94.4 FM, KSCJ 

"Orbiter is a riveting story, I think it's a great project. I've supported it and to all the listeners, I encourage them to do so as well."                                                                                                    ~ Andy Hooser, Voice of Reason, KQEM Radio / KGBT-TV, Witchita, fastest-growing drivetime radio/TV show in the state of Kansas 

"The whole premise of the movie sounds fantastic.... I love the fact that (David Rosler) is targeting young people as well, on trying to make them proud of their faith again..... It would make sense to invest in this."
~ Real news, Morning Drivetime with Mr. Henry and Nick Crawford, 92.3 FM & 760 AM, Knoxville, Tennessee

"A high-tech, beautifully done, well-scripted, great action film with Christian and sci-fi values in it. That's the bottom line."                                                                                                                              ~ Bill Myers, The Bill Myers Show, KMED, Oregon 

"I've got grandkids, I like your approach of trying to reach younger people... I'm really looking forward to seeing (Orbiter)".                                                                                                                             ~ The Lanny James Show, KMLB 540 & 105   

"(Orbiter) is focused on breaking into the genre of Christian film, that predominantly has not had this high quality of a film, 3D effects and the ability to reach beyond just a Christian audience but to reach into a secular audience as well, with a very well crafted script and a very well crafted story... not a (typically) cheesy Christian film but with new technology. Please donate."                                              ~ Pastor Greg Young, The Chosen Generation, a nationally syndicated radio program

Below is a red/cyan 3D version for easy 3D viewing on a standard PC, laptop or cell phone. Don't have red/cyan 3D glasses? Red and cyan or red and blue pieces of cellophane or plastic will do just fine. We want you to see it in 3D, because when we say that Orbiter is in 3D for the cinemas, we mean it. Other examples for 3D in full color for 3D TV's and 3D computer/cellphone screens can show the 3D in full color at 4K.


IMPORTANT! Please read this page on this website to understand why bringing younger generations back to God is more critical for the continued literal existence of the United States than you might think. CLICK HERE