The Christian movie genre is the new success market. To be sure, it requires knowledge of the audience base from an inside perspective, and with sincerity and belief. A filmmaker needs to know his Bible and scripture in  proper context and relate that to the audience. The Christian audience no more wants a Christian motion picture which misrepresents the truths of the Faith than Star Trek fans want a re-boot of the classic franchise in which the Enterprise is called a "rocket ship" and Mr. Spock is "Doctor Spock from the planet Mars". You need to know your subject, like any focused genre. That said, there is no more motion picture market open for success than that which appeals to Christians and Evangelicals in particular. 

Examples of low-budget successes which did it right abound. Fireproof, produced for $500,000.00 made $35 million at the box office and another $20 million in DVD sales. War Room for $3 million made over $60 million at the box office (DVD sales unknown). God's Not Dead made for $2 million earned $67 million at the box office. There are many examples. These productions were simple dramas, mostly with no-name actors, with the majority never having acted before. Not unlike a Christian version the dramatic product one sees on the Lifetime channel, but they all had one thing in common: they spoke to the audience truly. Those that tried to shoehorn the Christian faith inappropriately did not do so well. The audience knows the difference.

Orbiter knows its audience. The producers of Orbiter identify with them; indeed. are an extended part of them. And the audiences will reward Orbiter and future films like it as they have others; with appreciation for the fact that someone cared enough to give them what they want so they can spend a day at the movies with popcorn and soda for the kids and have their most important feelings and beliefs spoken to them properly. In a world in which Hollywood appears to actually hate Christians, TV comics and announcers mock them, and even cartoons attempt to humiliate them, in some sick, savage media universe unthinkable 30 years ago, Orbiter will be a huge hit to its core audience, perhaps setting records because it is entirely unique. Add to that the stereoscopic 3D and special effects and you have a sure-fire winner for the younger Christian audiences as well; 90% of "Gravity"'s $250 million box office was earned by the 3D version ticket sales. See our Comparisons and pro forma pages.


If many people donate now, we can meet our production budget target easily. If you want to see Orbiter on the big screen, then you can make it happen...  in the very desirable and exciting 3D format, a first for an contemporary truly independant feature film. 

 Orbiter is suspenseful, exciting and inspiring with a powerful Christian message worked seamlessly through a storyline which speaks to the concerns of today. Orbiter is first-class all the way.  

If you want to see Orbiter on the big screen for you and your family and to spread the Christian message outside of the Christian audience, donate generously right now to put Orbiter on the big screen for you and your family and help spread the Christian message for peace through strength and faith.

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NOTE: Apparently there are a few people in the motion picture industry named David Rosler. To avoid confusion, here is the website for Orbiter's creator, David Rosler

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Orbiter: A warning for peace in dangerous times