Synopsis: The time is today, and 240 miles above the earth the International Space Station is experiencing another day of experimentation and technical routine when an explosion blows out part of an American node on the ISS. It quickly becomes apparent that as World War III has begun on earth, it has also begun in space among the various people representing their countries on the ISS. Only determined faith in God and following His word can a victorious peace be attained, on the station and down, below, on earth.

1. Who We Are

David Rosler has written and will produce and direct the feature, as well as insuring the creation of the visual effects required to tell this particular story effectively and realistically. David has over 35 years experience in the industry as producer, director, animator, storyboard artist/director and creator of special effects. SEE A SHORT LIST OF DAVID'S OLDER CREDENTIALS (he does not make more recent clients available on the internet) at 
DAVID ROSLER.COM.  NOTE: Apparently there are a few people in the motion picture industry named David Rosler. To avoid confusion, here is the website for Orbiter's creator, David Rosler

David's composer in Chicago has written, orchestrated and conducted before full orchestras and has created amazingly vast and polished music for David's previous motion pictures.

David's old and dear friend, Lonny Buinis, with many years of running one of the largest Planetariums on the east coast, with a Masters in physics and a B.A. in computer science, and for whom an astronomical observatory was recently named, is scientific advisor, a similar role he played years ago which helped to result in the "Special Effects Alive' special effects series for the Planetarium industry, which David created and produced, being a huge hit with hundreds of Planetaria all over the world, unanimously called "The best product on the market".  Additionally, Lonny's background in astronomical art, as a high-level member of the International Astronomical Artists Association, will once again help to insure a seamless marriage between art and scientific accuracy, guaranteeing such things already in the trailer, noted by scientists, as accurate representation of Newton's First Law and seeming minutia as the 'conservation of angular momentum" which gives the scientific community already an appreciation of the accuracy demonstrated in Orbiter.

David's Associate Producer has several years experience in distribution for Warner Brother's Home Video and has proven to be near-genius at getting arrangements, assistance and materials essentially for free within the Bible Belt.

David has a written agreement with a nation-wide Christian-based youth organization which has agreed to provide production and construction assistance, and these are outstandingly clear and well-spoken individuals; the agreement is for 15-20 young men per day, if needed, with supervisors. This means your investment in Orbiter also helps many young men and women help to recover their lives through Christ by working on Orbiter.

Churches and other faith-based organizations are on-board and have agreed to get their congregations together in large indoor areas to work as happy teams, creating the modular wall sets with materials often donated locally for the Christian cause; the construction methods decided upon for building the sets guarantee a complex and entirely commercially manufactured appearance, nearly identical to the overall look of the interior of the actual space station augmented, of course, with computer-generated additions where required.

As the promo trailer proves, necessary special effects have been tested and produced in 3D and opinions appear unanimous that  the special effects in the Orbiter fundraising trailer compare very favorably with the best, last word in outer space special effects movies, 7-time Academy Award winner, "Gravity".

Large theater chains have been contacted and the project discussed, and are ready and willing to accept David as the distributor of Orbiter, a critical financial aspect insomuch as delivery to a hungry audience is essentially assured, bypassing the usual confiscatory third-party distributor.  Related, one of the largest labs in the world, creating Digital Cinema Packages for the biggest of the major Hollywood studios, has enthusiastically agreed to handle the creation and delivery of all the 2D and critically important 3D DCPs of Orbiter to ensure the highest quality theatrical exhibition and 100% guaranteed reliable delivery to the theaters. It should be noted that Orbiter will be the first truly Independent feature motion picture in 3D which they have agreed to handle.

Independent cinematographers in several countries have been contacted to provide international moments near famous monuments to very dramatically realise the global scope of the story being told.

Costumes are designed, budgeted and nearly ready to begin. Every aspect of this production has been confirmed and budgeted, including enthusiastic promotion on Christian radio stations and social media. To put it all simply, everything is in place to guarantee an outstanding and successful production, nast in scope and drama, for an enthusiastic box office audience.


​2. Marketing

The key to success at the box office for Christian motion pictures today is word-of-mouth promotion on radio and social media, with mailings and emailings to churches. That is the process which turned extremely average (in-fact, below-average) interpersonal Christian dramas like Fireproof into $50 million blockbusters. Once live action is completed we will create exciting advertising graphics and get them online along with the motion picture website. This will be followed with exciting 30-second-to-one-minute advance trailers posted on the internet to increase anticipation - and turnout - even further. Christian talk radio stations are already being lined up and there are 600 such stations in the United States, providing promotion to millions, over and over, for free; already enough radio stations, taking into account their broadcast coverages, to cover 40 theaters in the Bible Belt, repeatedly.. Our exclusives to the Christian motion picture genre – stereoscopic 3D and high-end special effects – will push the limits of audience expectation – and audience turnout. anticipation even further. 

5. Financials

Motion pictures are quite different from many other kinds of investments. There is no slow and considered structuring at a uniform tempo; motion pictures are – or should be – carefully considered endeavors which take audience and taste into account from start to finish. Because the Christian market is indeed absolutely starved for product, tepid dramas tend to bring in $30 - $60 million at the box office with astonishing uniformity. Here are a few examples:

Fireproof (modest interpersonal drama, with an almost entirely inexperienced cast of “actors”- and it shows - (2008) Budget $500,00.00. Box office revenue:$33,million. DVD sales brought the total up to $55 million.

God's Not Dead (modest interpersonal drama ) (2014) Budget $2 million. Box office revenue:$60 million-plus . DVD sales unknown.

War Room (modest interpersonal drama) (2015) Budget $3 million. Box office revenue:$67 million-plus. DVD sales unknown, but was expected to open with $11 million in DVD sales. 

Additionally, 3D movies on the whole bring in twice as much actual revenue as the 2D versions of the same films. “Gravity” ( a non-Christian motion picture) starring Sanda Bulloch and nominated for 7 Academy Awards, brought in an astonishing 90% of its U.S. box office revenue – over $250 million - with ticket sales for the 3D version alone. That motion picture went on to gross $700 million worldwide with visuals which Orbiter closely resembles by virtue of the subject matter.

6. Distribution

Orbiter's producers will self-distribute to dramatically more fully reap returns by eliminating the middle-man distributor; this can be done by capitalizing on the very exceptionally strong and essentially unique market attractiveness of a 3D stereoscopic live-action Christian motion picture with special effects, something never even attempted before. In 2014, 9 of the top 10 and 15 of the top 25 films were 3D releases.

We've had several conversations with executives at two of the largest theater chains in the United States and are able to comply completely with their technical specifications, which are actually minimal , including 4K distribution and the demand that the release print master Digital Cinema Packages are made at their preferred labs, whose rates are affordable and with whom David has already forged a good relationship.

7. Repayment

Repayment in full from producer's gross (not net) movie proceeds, payed quarterly until re-payed if not re-payed with the first quarter commencing upon distribution. Repayment in full to investors is completed before any proceeds are taken by the Producer. Naturally, we expect repayment in full to be almost immediate upon distribution..

8. Profit

Investors will receive a return of 30% of the producer's gross, meaning not counting the amount taken by distributors/theaters. Producer's gross will likely be 70% of the total amount earned at the box office.

9. Theoretical worst-case scenario

We assume all David's Christian motion picture will be absolutely terrific. But even if Orbiter was only an average motion picture – or below average, such as the Christian films listed previously, and not in 3D, and David was limited to initially distributing less than 200 copies, an extremely low, poverty-row proposition, even then the outlook is very bright:

The America Bible Study organization ran a poll of 42,855 people and determined that the top 9 most Bible-minded cities in the United States are Knoxville TN ; Shreveport, LA; Chattanooga, TN; Birmingham, AL; Springfield, MO; Charlotte, NC; Lynchberg, VA; Huntsville, AL; Charleston, WV. Including a 35-mile radius for each city, there are 148 independent motion picture theaters apart from any associated with theater chains (most with 2-8 screens each). 148 theaters = 32,560 seats assuming the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) average estimate of 220 seats per theater. Average ticket price is $10.00 ($13.00 for 3D) = $325,600.00 for only one show on one day at capacity for all theaters combined, or 4 shows a day at 25% capacity, which equals $2,279,200.00 for a single 7-day week. Double that to $4,558,400.00 if it plays 4 times a day to half-capacity for a week, only in those very few theaters targeted where David's motion picture almost must by definition prove to be extreme red meat for those areas who will have been made aware of the motion picture on the radio and internet.

Continuing the worst-case scenario to allay concerns, if each of those few Bible belt-intense theaters average half auditorium capacity (never full) on 4 shows a day a day for a month, then even under those circumstances, the motion picture almost must, in theory in a worst case scenario, make at least $9,116,800.00 in one month.

Remove the theater owners' 30% ($2,735,040.00) leaves $6,381,760.00

It must be understood that the previous hypothetical as an absolute worst-case scenario if the David's theatrical Christian motion picture is at all reasonably well made.

The larger potential beyond the worst case scenario positively sparkles: for example, one theater chain, has over 500 movie theaters (over 8,000 screens) in 38 states. As of 2014, there are, in the US and Canada alone, 16,146 movie theater screens capable of showing digital 3D motion pictures, and they all do, all the time. Tepid Christian dramas costing as little as $500,000 and less make on-average
$60 million in domestic box office gross alone, provided that they have a little polish and know how to speak directly to the Christian evangelical audience.

All this omits the DVD and Blue Ray sales, and overseas theatrical and domestic and overseas television distribution, which remain on the table. Worldwide numbers alone and usually triple the domestic theatrical gross.

Basically, Orbiter must make money. As a practical matter, it is essentially impossible for it not to, and it will probably make very, very large amounts of money.

10. Request
Contact the producers at for the full budget amount being requested. While there is enjoyable hard work to be done by the David and crew, all else falls right in place after the financing is procured. Indeed, as can be seen from the promo trailer, a significant proportion of the testing and a little of the “producing” has already been done.

While like with all investments,the principal may be lost, it appears nevertheless true that Orbiter, a thrilling 3D stereoscopic special effects Christian christian/suspense/adventure drama, put simply, is the closest thing to a sure-fire financial investment success as can be imagined; revist the numbers on the comparison page as proof. In an uncertain world where even reliable stock market investments prove chancy in a bad economy, it is true that, as was proved in the Great Depression, people will always find the money to pay for their entertainment, especially that entertainment which speaks to their deepest-held beliefs. Orbiter could well be realistically described as the investment opportunity of a lifetime, and therefore not to be missed.

Qualified investors are urged to contact us at to discuss specific terms and begin the investment process ASAP to avoid missing out on a very singular and genuinely spectacular opportunity.

Condensed ORBITER Pro Forma