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Condensed ORBITER Pro Forma

Synopsis: The time is today, and 240 miles above the earth the International Space Station is experiencing another day of experimentation and technical routine when an explosion blows out part of an American node on the ISS. It quickly becomes apparent that as World War III has begun on earth, it has also begun in space among the various people representing their countries on the ISS. Only determined faith in God can a victorious peace be attained, on the station and down, below, on earth.

1. Who We Are

David Rosler has written and will produce and direct the feature, as well as insuring the creation of the visual effects required to tell this particular story effectively and realistically. David has over 35 years experience in the industry as producer, director, animator, storyboard artist/director and creator of special effects. SEE A SHORT LIST OF DAVID'S OLDER CREDENTIALS (he does not make more recent clients available on the internet) at 
DAVID ROSLER.COM.  NOTE: Apparently there are a few people in the motion picture industry named David Rosler. To avoid confusion, here is the website for Orbiter's creator, David Rosler

David's composer in Chicago has written, orchestrated and conducted before full orchestras and has created amazingly vast and polished music for David's previous motion pictures.

Lonny Buinis, one of David's most trusted associates, with many years of running one of the largest Planetariums on the east coast, with a Masters in physics and a B.A. in computer science, and for whom an astronomical observatory was recently named, is scientific advisor on Orbiter, a similar role he played years ago which helped to result in the visually extravagant "Special Effects Alive' special effects series for the Planetarium industry, which David created and produced, being a huge hit with hundreds of Planetaria all over the world, unanimously called "The best product on the market".  

David's Associate Producer, Katherine Shell, has several years experience in distribution for Warner Brothers and has proven indispensible at stretching every dollar in profoundly effective ways.

David has a written agreement with a nation-wide youth organization. This means completion of Orbiter also helps many young men and women help to recover their lives by, in-part- working on Orbiter.

As the trailer proves, the special effects in 3D has received opinions that  appear unanimous: the special effects in the Orbiter compare very favorably with the best, last word in outer space special effects movies, 7-time Academy Award winner, "Gravity".

Large theater chains in the United States have been contacted and the project discussed, and are ready and willing to accept David as the distributor of Orbiter, a critical financial aspect insomuch as delivery to a hungry audience is essentially assured, bypassing the usual confiscatory third-party distributor in the U.S. theatrical market.  Related, one of the largest labs in the world, creating Digital Cinema Packages for the biggest of the major Hollywood studios, has enthusiastically agreed to handle the creation and delivery of all the 2D and critically important 3D DCPs of Orbiter to ensure the highest quality theatrical exhibition and 100% guaranteed reliable delivery to the theaters. It should be noted that Orbiter will be the first truly Independent feature motion picture in 3D which they have agreed to handle.