Eide/Von Erck wrote these illuminating tidbits into the depth of his personal depravity on his blog, "Evil Vigilante". Von Erck was apparently enraged by the "shameless and pathetic" conduct of Kim Sun-il, a kidnapped South Korean translator who appeared in a video released by Iraqi terrorists:"The asshole, yes, the asshole, screamed in English, pleading for his life,"Von Erck wrote. "Let me be the first and probably only American to wish for his speedy death.... No life of such a worm, a coward, can be considered important." Xavier von Erck got his wish: Kim Sun-Il was later horribly beheaded. 

It should be noted that when Von Erck, a man seemingly disgusted by the cowardice of others, was later confronted by an elderly television reporter at a public function, von Erck  essentially ran away from the elderly TV reporter and then literally whined in a quiet, high-pitched voice to a woman running the event that "This man is harassing me!".The video is on youtube and shows no harassment whatsoever took place, except perhaps von Erck harassing the elderly reporter in a jaw-dropping display of angry defensiveness.  "Xavier von Erck" is obviously a sick, angry, psychotic, sadistic and cowardly bully. Horrible. AND HE IS ONE OF DEL HARVEY'S BEST FRIENDS AND SHE IS IN CHARGE OF TWITTER TRUST AND SAFETY. 

Of 9/11 conspiracy theorists, Von Erck had this to say: "
I wish I could fucking kill 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Yes, kill. I'd like to kill them. Kill them all... I want you to die. I wish you would die. Why don't you die? Just die."

As a further classic illustration of the personal character, Del Harvey's very close friend and "professional associate", von Erck had a falling out with an old friend. What did he do? Xavier von Erck tracked down his prior friend in chat rooms, stole a porn image of a girl off the internet, used it to create a fake identity named "Holly" to lure in his old friend, lead him on every day for months, had cyber sex with with his old male friend, allegedly photographed (presumably by hacking into the laptop's internet camera) his old friend masturbating, convinced his old friend to leave his wife in a deliberate and successful attempt to totally destroy the man's life.This is what Phillip John Idhe aka Xavier von Erck did - XAVIER VON ERCK PROUDLY ADMITTED TO IT! Radar Online, in one of countless news agencies to report this story, describes the rest of the story...

This is how David's Facebook account now looks to others, including his many friends (see address in the top left of the image). 

It's ridiculously obvious that Orbiter is being censored from every single Facebook group to which it has been posted except one: a science fiction group populated with some of the most malicious and grotesque faith-haters you ever heard of in your life. It is completely obvious that Facebook allowed Orbiter to be seen on a site filled with aggressive atheists so the Orbiter cast and crew could be defamed and maliciously harassed, which was easily predicted. Such an act, deliberately enabling harassment, is a crime.

U.S. House Representative Marsha  Blackburn talks about Twitter censorship

Before proceeding with what happened with the haters on the science fiction Facebook group, please note, immediately below, that the Orbiter art main post always got more likes than dislikes in even a heavily self-proclaimed anti-faith science fiction group, a further reflection of what Orbiter should have seen in terms of support at the Christians groups.

Orbiter writer/producer/director David Rosler, has been targeted in ways so obvious. David's Facebook account was suspended several times, for weeks at a time, for no cited violations whatsoever.

It is totally plain that Orbiter is being censored from every single Facebook group. Out of dozens of Orbiter posts, not a single response from anyone has been seen. No questions from anyone about the cast, storyline, special effects, timeframe, suggestions, critiques - nothing. We are supposed to believe, apparently, that all the world's critics and common everyday people simply have nothing to say about Orbiter at all, ever. Not even a single "Like". Nothing. ZERO. This is statistically totally impossible without deliberate censorship by the Facebook corporation. Here is a tiny comparative sample:

We hate to get into the business of activism, but this situation is critical, now, and we have no choice but to do so for our own business survival. Do know that If it is happening to us today, it can and absolutely will happen to you, too, before you know it! But all is not lost...


CONTACT any or all of the following U.S. House Representatives listed below - they love to hear from voters all over the country, not just their own constituents- and
tell them to  BECOME OFFICIAL CO-SPONSORS OF REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN'S OPEN INTERNET PRESERVATION ACT, HR 4682. Freedom of speech on the internet will be RESTORED IN ONE BILL ONCE SIGNED INTO LAW and assured. You can contact the Congressmen (ironically) on Facebook, Tweet them on Twitter or call on the phone. You should always call on the phone, and ask the person who answers the phone if he or she can see your posts. If they can't, you have more proof of censorship which you can prove to their offices! BUT CALL THEM AT LEAST AND TELL THEM TO CO-SPONSOR BLACKBURN'S BILL "HR 4682". Every office will be pleasant, appreciate your call and thank you, and you will be making a world of difference! They want you to tell them to support HR 4682 so they can do it bravely and proudly! Call them! The Congressional office telephone numbers are below! They'll love you for it!

Facebook manifestly empowers malicious and disgusting faith haters while censoring Christians. This is no longer a theory. This is fact.

This, below, is now how David's Facebook account now looks to David.

Now, the quicky illustrated encapsulation of what Facebook and Twitter censorship has done to Orbiter and its producers in an obviously deliberate effort to ruin the producer's professional business.

Here is Del Harvey behaving totally normally posting carefully-photographed images of her dirty sneakers.


Please support U.S. House Representative Marsha Blackburn's very important bill:

On the left, below, is how David very recently saw the Orbiter Group page. On the right, how David's friend Richard and others saw the Orbiter Group page - entirely blank.

WE WOULD LIKE TO KEEP THIS WEBSITE TOTALLY POSITiVE, but we are forced to address the question,"Why not just use social media and internet crowdfunding to reach what should be easily achievable goals with a reasonably attractive, high-end project like Orbiter?"  Unfortunately, malicious, iron-fisted social media censorship and now-very-obvious criminal internet theft are the answers, and this page will prove it. BE SURE TO READ "CRIMES AGAINST ORBITER", IN RED, AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. IMPORTANT NEW INFORMATION.

First, we provide proof that this issue is not a conspiracy theory; the problem of Christian /Judaism censorship exists in the United States on a massive and terrible scale. Then the producers of Orbiter will show proof of their own censorship which has decimated Orbiter's presence on social media.  And then, later down, the obvious criminal theft.

In other words, cross obviously sick and sadistic "Xavier von Erck' and he and his misfit band of totally psychotic losers will do whatever they can to destroy you. In our opinion, Phillip John Idhe should not be working at Twitter or anywhere else. He's very obviously unbelievably sick. And this is the person with whom Del Harvey has been close, intimate friends and associates. Birds of a feather, as they say, and "Delbius Harvey" has the power to do whatever she wants to your kids and family online at Twitter.

The top people at Perverted Justice all changed their names like they do in a cult, which translates in German very similarly: Xavier von Erck = Bright of the Perfect. Del Harvey = Perfect Battleworthy. The rest are similarly translated. In very important court papers, NBC TV Producer Marsha Bartell called Perverted Justice a "trolling operation" and in those court papers quoted another NBC producer who worked with Perverted Justice as saying, "We know they're all nuts."... and it wasn't a joke.

If what has been published above isn't enough to convince you that "Xavier von Erck" is apparently secretly working alongside his Perverted justice BFF in Twitter, Kathy sent a complaint about what has been going on at Twitter to many people including Vijia Gadde, Twitter's chief legal counsel (Gadde signed for the certified letter at Twitter headquarters and then never responded and took no action against the destructive accounts) , "Delbius Harvey" at Twitter, President Trump at his golf club in Bedminster NJ when he was vacationing there and .... Xavier von Erck at Twitter headquarters. You can see that the letter was left at the desk.... for Xavier. Givin that he has seemingly vanished off the face of the globe in the eyes of the world, moved his corporate representation practically to the top of the Twitter building on Market Street in San Francisco and now this, there can be little doubt that he is working alongside Harvey, and if he is, then it is obvious that they are running a variation of Perverted Justice inside Twitter, which explains the "trolls" who torment users on and off the platform, sometimes to the point of suicide:

If we were suspicious types, we might think that Twitter hired a cult-like crowd of genuinely  sadistic, clinically psychopathic, obviously very sick weirdo losers to run a criminal, euphemistically-titled seek-and-destroy mission, called "Twitter Trust and Safety", to make the very extremist political views of the Twitter executives a real-world reality by censoring, bullying and attempting to totally destroy everyone who does not agree with Twitter the way Von Erck proudly destroyed his old friend Bruce Raisley and many, many others as the "creator" of "Perverted Justice". Yes, we might think that it might just possibly add up that way if we were the suspicious types.  

Orbiter has been so censored on Twitter that it has never been seen by a single person on Twitter as of this writing. Not once, despite being tweeted countless times.


Below is the totally normal individual to whom Harvey reported at Perverted Justice (working for the "fun" of it) and to whom Allison Shea aka Delbius Harvey has pledged lifelong loyalty, Phillip John Eide, who also changed his name, in his case, to the "evil genius"-sounding moniker "Xavier von Erck". This totally normal human being is a community college dropout who, according to his own mother, spent every waking hour after he quit college sitting in his bedroom on the internet, playing video games and angrily trolling countless complete strangers online. Very significantly, he moved his "Perverted Justice Foundation" from Oregon to California the same year Harvey started working at Twitter, and has his legal representation, "CorpGate", at 5401 Scotts Valley Drive is a mere one-hour drive to to Twitter's front door at 1355 Market Street, Twitter's front door.  So totally coincidentally, the moment his Perverted Justice associate "Del Harvey" starts working for fledgling Twitter 10 years ago, "Xavier von Erck" lands on the exact same spot on the globe while going silent about Perverted Justice. A letter to von Erck addressed to Twitter headquarters shows that the letter was "left for him at the desk". It is our opinion that "Xavier von Erck"  has been for ten years working inside Twitter, unadvertised to the world, running a massively-funded version of Perverted Justice and for the same purpose; to destroy human beings, this time for the totally-proven, manifestly hateful, ideologically-driven Twitter executives. With 300 million users/potential victims, This would make Twitter the most outrageous criminal enterprise in the history of the modern world. 

For the record, by his own admission, "von Erck" keeps rats as pets. Not mice. Rats.

Here is Del Harvey behaving totally normally posting carefully-photographed images of her dog's teeth.

What the Orbiter friends and producers posted to the science fiction Facebook group was basically the Orbiter movie poster and a polite hello and invitation to the website.

Former Facebook President Sean Parker admits on-camera that the founders of Facebook knew that they were deliberately creating something totally socially destructive

Here is Del Harvey's resume, which only has PJFI - Perverted justice - as any prior job involvement, meaning having cyber-sex with targeted strangers while pretending to be ten years old - OBVIOUSLY MORE OR LESS THE SAME JOB FUNCTION FOR WHICH SHE WAS HIRED AT TWITTER, since that is the only prior "job" she ever held, with no advanced education by her own admission on her own resume!

Here is Del Harvey behaving totally normally blaming her dog for her apparently self-inflicted black eyes. This is no joke. Crazy? Disturbed? In our opinion, what else could you call it?


Rep Jim Jordan - OH
Phone 202-225-2676
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It really is your life and your children's future at stake, now, because tyrants never say, "That is enough". They will push forever until everything is destroyed. 

Make a simple, friendly, harmless and easy telephone call today to people who will love to hear from you - as House Representative offices, that is their only job - and keep America free for generations. They want to hear from you - without trouble or consequence. They will love you for the call when you tell them you want them to co-sponsor and support HR 4682!

The choice is yours. Now see just how bad it can happen to you if you don't take decisive action now...

We do not yet know who is running the seek-and-destroy missions at Facebook, but we have a pretty good idea of who is behind it at TWITTER. Delbius (Del) Harvey is the self-admitted fictitious name of Miss Allison Shea. She is head of Twitter's euphemistically-named  "Trust and Safety". She attended not one day of college and had only one job before Twitter chose her out of a local hiring pool of 350,000 techno specialists in Silicon Valley to head Trust and Safety:Harvey was a volunteer co-running a trolling operation called "Perverted Justice", eventually roundly condemned by even those who worked with and know them as a trolling operation whose primary motivation for "seeking out and punishing pedophiles" was to satisfy their sick, sadistic impulses to destroy their fellow human beings.We won't talk about how their behavior manifestly led to at least one well-publicized suicide, for which Perverted Justice claimed pride, not shame. Here is Delbius Harvey representing the Twitter Corporation as one of its executives...

FOX NEWS, Facebook former employees admit to censoring opposing points of view

Here are the numbers to call

Here is Del Harvey behaving totally normally with her cat.